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All the Riches of Job: A True Story of Success, and What Came After
Chuck Lewis

International Standard Book Number: 0-9635854-0-1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 93-083590

As a poor black child in rural Virginia, Chuck Lewis dreamed big: One day, he vowed, he would become a millionaire. After 18 years pursuing entrepreneurial rainbows, he and his wife, Kathy, scraped together their last $250 and headed home to Charlottesville. Eight years later, Lewis Produce was grossing $11 million.

The Chuck Lewis story is a story of success: A self-made man with an eighth-grade education becomes an entrepreneur. An interracial couple overcomes objections to create a lasting partnership and loving family.

But this is alos a story of what comes after: The doubts, fears, and disappointments you don't see when you're on what Lewis calls "that nice level lawn." Personal growth, success and sacrifice, faith and doubt are all themes he explores in this compelling autobiography. All the Riches of Job is an inspiring, sometimes incensing book that may change the way we view success.

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