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Her Knight with a Shining Star
Shannon Bailey

International Standard Book Number: 0-9740086-4-8
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2003092330

U.S. Marshal Ethan Davis is just one of the lawmen sent to Colorado to maintain order along a violence-threatened railroad line during the turbulent times of the Railroad Workers and Coal Miners strikes of 1894.

As the train pulls into the small mining town of New Castle the U.S. Marshals are confronted by an angry mob.

While the lawmen gained control of the situation that day, Marshal Davis loses his heart to the beautiful Renee McCoy, an orphaned daughter of a slain shop owner. And for the promise of a mere kiss from her, he vows to hunt down her father’s murderer and bring him in. Dead or alive.

When Marshal Davis’ investigation into the gruesome murder deepens, his suspicions immediately turn to one of the McCoy’s most beloved and trusted friends. And his jealousy-clouded judgement nearly costs him everything. His woman and his life.

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